PELyon is affiliated to the Lyon University Hospital and to the Lyon 1 Claude Bernard University.

Areas of expertise

PELyon offers a wide range of research projects that cover the following fields:

Epidemiological studies:

  • - Overview of epidemiological data
  • - Design and implementation of descriptive and analytic epidemiological studies following ENCePP guidelines
  • - Pharmacoepidemiology, surveys on health practices, surveys on appropriate use of drugs


  • - Public health programmes and actions
  • - Public health policies

Economic studies:

  • - Burden/cost of illness studies
  • - Medico-economic studies of therapies or diagnostic methods
  • - Assessment of healthcare management

Methodological assistance and consulting for conception and implementation of pharmacoepidemiological studies


PELyon conducts studies from several databases to which it has access (with data linkage):
Claims data (SNDS)
  • - DCIR: National healthcare insurance system database covering more than 90% of the population in France, i.e. about 65 million patients, including primary and secondary care
  • - EGB: a 1/97th random sample of DCIR
  • - PMSI: French hospital discharge database
Private data (Networks of Electronic Medical Records)
PROs (Patient-Reported Outcomes)


Some examples of projects:
Study on adherence to asthma treatments
Initiation of anti-osteoporotic treatment and medical resource utilization
Early adherence to anti glaucoma therapy
Assessment of safety of long-acting beta-2-agonists in asthma in routine care
Management and costs of rheumatoid arthritis
Frequency of comorbidities in COPD and impact on mortality
Costs assessment in allergic rhinitis


Participation in several Masters’ Degrees at Lyon 1 University over the last 10 years:

Since 2015: Epidémiologie et gestion des risques (Epidemiology and risk management) - EPIRIS

Since 2013: Evaluation en santé-recherche clinique (Assessment in health/clinical research) - ERC

Since 2013: Critical reading of scientific papers - LCA

2010-2014: Pharmacologie Modélisation Essais cliniques (Pharmacology/Modeling of clinical Trials) - PHAME

Depuis 2008 : European Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine - EUDIPHARM