Concerned persons information

Data privacy information of the persons concerned by the studies conducted by PELyon

PELyon conducts studies relating to personal data (including health data) that have not been collected directly from the concerned people (secondary data). As the individual information of these persons is not possible (PELyon does not have access to their identity), a collective information note containing the information defined in article 14 of the GDPR is available here for each of the projects carried out by PELyon whose processing of personal data is ongoing in order to allow data subjects to exercise their rights defined by the GDPR:

Nom de l'étude Intitulé de l’étude Responsable de traitement Responsable de mise en oeuvre Information collective (Répertoire public des projets du Health Data Hub)
BLOC Consommation de soins et coûts associés au COVID long après hospitalisation
PELyon PELyon
EVALEDUC Evaluation de l’efficacité d’un programme d’éducation thérapeutique dans l’asthme HCL PELyon

To know more about the rights of the concerned persons:

Secondary data: Data initially collected for one purpose and reused as part of the study for a different purpose (the secondary data sources used by PELyon are essentially the National Health Data System (SNDS) and medical data sources such as than registries or clinical studies).